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Bobby is twelve years old. All of a sudden he’s resisting Mom at every turn. Her instructions lead to debates and arguing. Bobby used to be so pleasant and cooperative, but now the tension in their home is growing. Something needs to be done. But what? More firmness? More consequences? More negotiating? In another family,…

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There’s no doubt that there are many benefits that come from our technological world. Information can be accessed at the press of a button. Game systems can keep kids entertained both at home and in the car, and texting can speed up communication. Technology is all around us and is ready to serve our every…

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But My Anger is Justified

Some view their anger as justified because they’re right and the other person is wrong. They believe that being right is the only ticket required to launch into an adult temper tantrum. But saying “He made me angry” implies that external events require emotional intensity. The dad who links the trigger (what “made” him angry)…

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“Approximately Right” is Worth a Compliment

Child, Mistake

It’s easy to focus on how far children need to go instead of how far they’ve come. One way to keep a positive focus in your discipline is to look for approximately right behavior and affirm it. Don’t wait until things are absolutely right. If you ask your child to clean up the toys but…

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3 Ways For Good Communication


Learn How to Start The way you present an issue often determines the response. Sometimes it’s best to address a problem immediately, while other times waiting a few hours is more appropriate. Wisely choose a time, place, and approach with the goal of not just rebuking, but correcting, and finding resolution. “Lisa, I’d like to…

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Peas & Carrots


Forrest Gump said that him and Jenny were like peas and carrots; the meaning of the phrase being that two things belong or go well together. We recently had a Nerf & Pizza all-nighter here at the church and while all the kids had a great time eating pizza, cookies and having Nerf battles, the…

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